Who We Are

How We Got Here

CTS was founded 2012 with the intention of revolutionizing the world of 3D Scanning and Building Information Modeling. President, Leo Castillo, has a long list of experience in scanning, drafting, and modeling for multiple major engineering firms in California and saw the potential of having more design done in 3D. Though we're based in the San Francisco Bay Area, we do work across the continent.

We Love What We Do

We love to provide answers to questions from Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Owners, and Facility Managers (AECO+FM). We are focused on providing reality capture technologies such as 3D Laser Scanning services, Building Information Modeling services, and As-Built Solutions to deliver better building and construction projects. 

Believers In As-Builts

We support pre-development, pre-construction, commercial, residential, and industrial environments to rapidly, as-built facilities. These projects that either don’t have as-built documents or where there is a low-confidence in existing as-builts. We verify millions of points a second, to millimeter accuracy, in hours not days. We then use the highly precise as-built to compare designs, identify errors, and suggest solutions.

What our clients say

“When I called around looking for laser scanning services and was referred to CTS, we were not exactly sure what we were looking for. They took the time to come in and demonstrate the value of Scan-to-BIM workflows and made sure our project team and client would benefit from the process. Once we were comfortable and said go…they delivered on their promise and even included some training of other design consultants on how to work with point clouds."

— Bob LaShells / Director of Engineering / Mackay & Somps

"CTS took the time to clearly understand our business model. They not only provided us with technical support services, but have also helped us develop integrated techniques and methods to that has changed the way we do business."

— David Allen / Director / Design Group

"I have had the pleasure working with CTS since 2011. They understand how to run an exceptionally lean & efficient operation which allows them to provide incredible value for their clients. CTS has a rare combination of talent and staff knowledgeable in complete vertical deliverables...from 3D data capture to final project deliverables."

— Matthew Daley, Regional Manager, Faro